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50 Years Sledding Crowfoot
By Fran Lewis
March 29, 1969, George and I, riding double on an Alpine Ski Doo with a twin track and a single ski, with neighbor Ron Prigmore on a similar sled, left our home on Garland Road hoping to get to the top of Crowfoot Mountain.
The day before George and Ron had fought their way up the sheep trail as far as the pinnacle making a rough trail to follow that far. Today our goal was to make it to the alpine meadows and hopefully all the way across to the old Forestry lookout.
The snowmobiles of that time were the “model A’s” of the sport. Small, underpowered machines with a seat, running boards, handlebars and a windshield. If you have a picture in your mind of sitting on the seat gliding smoothly over the snow with the greatest of ease, not so. More often than not it was a personal struggle from trail’s bottom to top. A day sledding was a workout remembered all week by sore joints and aching muscles.
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In other news….
- Reinbrecht Appeal Dismissed – pg. 7
- Doctors in the clinic - pg. 14
- Request for $13 Million Grant for Sicamous to Armstrong Rail Trail – pg. 19
- Ground Breaking Ceremony for Secwepemc Language Centre – pg. 20

Calendar of Events North Shuswap
- Northern Lights Choir at St. Mary’s church in Sorrento Mar 2
- Town Hall Meeting – March 9, 1pm at NS Community Hall.
- St. Patrick’s evening of fun at the Lakeview Centre – March 15
- St. Patrick’s Dance/fundraiser at SLE Lodge March 16
- Keg, Barrel & Plate at Blind Bay Memorial Hall – March 16
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