Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Usually the first Friday of the month however sometimes we deliver a week early.  Confirmed delivery days will always be printed in the Kicker.

The entire North Shuswap including Lee Creek, Scotch Creek, Celista, Magna Bay, Anglemont, St. Ives and Seymour Arm.  We also extend to  Adams Lake, Chase, Sorrento & Blind Bay.

3300 to 7500 depending on the time of year.  January and February are our quieter months and summer is our busiest time.

The deadline usually falls between the 13th and the 18th of the month on Wednesday two weeks prior to delivery.  Late bookings can often be accommodated within a reasonable time frame.  Please call or email for confirmed deadlines.  You can also check the Kicker for upcoming deadline and delivery days.

You can email your ad info to advertising@kicker.ca.

Please provide your contact information, high resolution logo if you have one, information you would like in your ad such as list of services, phone number, email, website etc.

Print ready ads can be emailed in high resolution PDFs or JPGs.

We accept many articles from people, especially if the article contains information for or about the community.  For more information about rules for submission you can check out our “Submit News” tab or send us an email.

Articles and Letters to the Editor can be sent to editorial@kicker.ca.

The South Shuswap Scoop covers Sorrento, Blind Bay, Eagle Bay, White Lake, Tappen, Sunnybrae and as far as Salmon Arm.

For more info about rates, deadlines, bonus discounts etc.  you can Email:   shuswapscoop@gmail.com (website coming soon)

Call/text 250-463-2611


It depends on the size and if you want color or Black & White.  Send us an email to advertising@kicker.ca with your ad details and we can discuss your options or visit our contact page.

We offer free ad design with your booked space (with a maximum amount of ad changes).  Or if you prefer, you can send us a high resolution print-ready ad.

$8 for up to 25 words, then .25 cents per word.  Box your ad for $2.  Classified Display ads are $14 for the 1st inch and then $2.25 per quarter inch.  Email your classified ad to classifieds@kicker.ca.

You can also get more details by clicking onto our classifieds ads tab

Yes.  If you advertise the same or similar ad in both papers during the same month you will receive an extra 10% discount off the second paper (some conditions may apply).  For more details email advertising@kicker.ca