We created a voice for our community.

The North Shuswap Kicker is a free monthly Publication that was introduced in February 1998. It was originally created by a group called KICK – Kommunity Involvement & Communication Kommittee, which is where the name The Kicker originated. Some of those involved recall that the committee was formed as a result of a Chamber of Commerce initiative to rejuvenate the community and draw more attention to what was taking place in the North Shuswap.

Focus on our Community

The first edition was 8 pages. “Please allow us to introduce ourselves” was the first article headline, and the article included KICK’s Mission Statement, “To establish two-way communication with the citizens and associations of the North Shuswap. To determine the ideas, needs and goals for the community. To provide leadership and direction, to co-ordinate interest and action to attain those goals set by the community.”

In April of 1998, Jan Wojciechowski took over the paper as publisher and turned it into a viable business. We still hold fast to the original mission statement and additionally provide a venue for local business to get their word out to keep our business community strong and economically healthy. Every club and organization in the community has free editorial space every month that they use to help keep each other and the public up to date on their individual plans and projects.

We have grown

Many things have changed over the years including the size of the paper, and the addition of colour.  We started out printing 600 papers a month for just the North Shuswap and now we print as many as 7500 depending on the time of year. As we are a tourist based community, the summer months are when we print the most. Our delivery locations now include the entire North Shuswap including Seymour Arm and Adams Lake as well as  Chase, Sorrento & Blind Bay.

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